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How much is a dollar worth?

This is not a math question, not an inflation & economy question, it’s your opinion on how you evaluate your own spending.

In my case :
25 cents=gallon of drinking water
40 cents=postage stamp
=Double Cheeseburger @McD
=gallon of gas
=used DVD or hour wage
=any piece of clothing

This said, a dollar at the vending machine is TOO MUCH
A dollar for a pocket sized can of mints is TOO MUCH
Two dollars for an energy drink is TOO MUCH (try 99cent stores)
A book for -20 is TOO MUCH.

So I want to know your opinion as to what you consider the most bang for your buck on a regular basis. These questions may help you give your answer
* If you were to lose all your possessions and found a few bucks, what’s your priority to buy?
* How much do you make and what portion of it is spent on something other than food and shelter?

SO AGAIN, how much is a dollar worth to you? What’s the best you can get for the same dollar? What would you consider "too much" for something?

Singing the wedding day blues…?

So here we are following a long engagement, happy to at last share an intimate church wedding and reception with family and friends we’ve known for a very long while.

Sounds great, right? Well, in the way that counts most — yes. Then, again, the exceptions were so glaring that they beg us to decide whether we ought to read anything into what transpired — or not.

In summary…

A hefty percentage of our invitees couldn’t be bothered to return their postage-stamped RSVP card (including family); those who *should have*, neglected to plan a bridal shower or a bachelor party; a member of our bridal party left about 3/4 into our reception (no fight, no reason); one set of parents decided not to toast us (our first and only marriage, and we are not estranged!); about 1/3 of those who declined our invite chose to acknowledge our marriage exclusively on Facebook (no card, no call, no personal email); several people asked where we were registered yet not a solitary guest purchased a gift off our registry (the usual places, starting at ); a bunch of people, including a bridal party member, didn’t think it necessary to wish us well by card (and we’re "card people" who hang on to those forever); we were falsely accused of failure to pay the church fee even though we have a receipt and a cleared check to prove otherwise; some of our wedding & reception help dropped the bomb days beforehand that they had competing social engagements and could not be on hand at the time previously discussed; those for whom we had honorariums skipped out before we could greet or pay them — only for our wedding coordinator to relay during what was supposed to be the start of our honeymoon that we needed to take care of that beforehand (delaying our getaway), etc., etc.


A good percentage of our guests included people with whom we’ve celebrated birthdays, weddings and the like long before our own special day took place. We have a clear conscience when it comes to our own behavior towards others, so little did we expect them to rub us the wrong way on such a major occasion in our own lives. Yet that’s exactly what happened.


The question, ultimately, is how best to proceed? Chalk this up to a flakey, flukey sign of the times or an intentional slight? Is there a diplomatic way to ask some of our most overt offenders WWYT? (What were you thinking?) Or should we ignore the OTT insensitivity even at the risk that it will annoy or otherwise haunt us for the foreseeable future?

Thanks for weighing in…

Why can’t people live w/in their means?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not here to preach because I’m guilty of this, too. Sometimes, I find myself buying things I don’t need. Why do people (myself included) do this? One time, I tried an experiment. For 1 week, I only spent $ when it was absolutely necessary. I marked down everything I spent. I also marked down the price of items that I was tempted to buy, but didn’t – just to see much I didn’t spend. Necessary items I bought: a postage stamp, a quart of milk & toilet tissue – total .32. Paid cash. No credit card debt. That’s all I really needed for that week. Took my lunch to work everyday & ate dinner at home. Now, for what I was tempted to buy, but didn’t: total 8. I thought that realization would cure me of impulse buying, but it didn’t. So, why is it so hard to live within our means? Why do people buy things they don’t need? Do we really need the latest gadget out there? Instead of spending xxx amount of dollars on a new electronic, why don’t we put that $ in our savings instead & watch it grow? I’d like to know the answer to this so that I can cure myself of reckless spending.

Pre-May 14th "First Class" stamps – are they worth 39 or 41 cents?

Postage recently rose from 39 to 41 cents. When it was 39 cents I bought some stamps that say "First Class" on the face rather than the value (39). These are the Lady Libery & US Flag stamps, picture here:


Can I use these stamps in place of the current 41 cent First- Class/Forever stamps? Or do I need to buy 2 cent stamps to make up the difference.

The reason I ask is because these stamps don’t specifically indicate the value, but only say "First Class."

Where to buy protective plastic covers for full stamp sheets?

I’ve been given the responsibility by a family member to take care of 500-600 full stamp sheets from the 60’s & 70’s. They are currently stored kind of haphazardly in large envelopes that, surprisingly, has kept them in really nice condition. But at this time I’d like to take the time to store them properly for preservation and presentation. Such beautiful stamps should not be kept in hiding. So the question is, where to buy reasonably priced, but archival quality sheet protectors for stamp sheets? One thing I do know is they cannot be a vinyl based product. Thanks!

Is it okay to use Scotch tape on a bubble envelope?

I really need to mail something today. I didn’t have as much glue as I thought I did. The printed postage is sticking to the bubble envelope, but I’m scared that it could fall off during processing or transit. Is it okay to seal the edges of the postage (printed online from USPS)? It would probably look tacky, but I just don’t know what else to do. I’m out of glue & that’s the only kind of tape that I have. There is plenty of "white space" around the edge of the printed postage, so using tape wouldn’t obscure anything important.

I am trying buy "Forever us postage stamp " from Ebay?

Does this link http://cgi.ebay.com/P-s-4127d-MNH-42c-Liberty-Bell-Forever-Stamp-5302a-/370392907889?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item563d234071

seem good deal? It look like a good deal with both sides of 20 pane, but I am worrying wheter my USPS will delivery the "2008" stamp? 2008 is already expired. but I notice that a lot ppl use 2007 or 2009 stamps…does it mean that 2008 year is still good?

selling reminder on Ebay – print postage label through Paypal?

I’m new to selling on ebay and I’ve just sold an item. On the selling reminders page it says ‘print postage label through paypal’… what does that mean? I figured I just needed to get their address from paypal so I could write it on the parcel…

How do I ‘print a postage parcel’? & what do I do with it?

How to weigh shipments for Click & Ship on USPS?

I just bought a mini digital scale for shipping packages & printing the labels on USPS.

Do you usually add a little to the weight when entering the numbers in? Don’t want to risk underweighing and underpaying. E.g. I put in 11 oz. when the weigh says 10.4oz. Is there a problem with overstating the weight?

Any other tips for a newbie using this online postage printing service?