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Postage stamps question?

So I’m not very smart with this kind of thing. I need to mail something to the states (from Canada) and I dunno how to go about it how much postage do I need to put on it and how much will it cost? (ie do I have to buy a whole sheet? Or just one or a couple?) thanks.
Ps I had no clue where to put this question so if it’s in the wrog category I’m sorry

Postage stamp problem?

Hey, I want to get free stickers from this company, to do that I need to mail then an enveloppe (no problem there) and inside, put a self-adressed enveloppe so that I pay the cost of transportation. I live in Canada and the company is in the states, does anybody know if it’s possible to buy American postage stamps in post offices? Or if not,any other alternative?