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Pre-May 14th "First Class" stamps – are they worth 39 or 41 cents?

Postage recently rose from 39 to 41 cents. When it was 39 cents I bought some stamps that say "First Class" on the face rather than the value (39). These are the Lady Libery & US Flag stamps, picture here:


Can I use these stamps in place of the current 41 cent First- Class/Forever stamps? Or do I need to buy 2 cent stamps to make up the difference.

The reason I ask is because these stamps don’t specifically indicate the value, but only say "First Class."

They don't put a value on US Stamps anymore. How do you know if the stamp is still usable?

They gave up on printing stamps with a value on it a while ago.

I’ve found some stamps that are old but I don’t know if it’s before the latest postage rate hike. Can I still use a "first class" stamp even though I may have bought it before they raised the postage rates?

Question about first class postage stamp

Hello, I bought stamps a few years ago when they raised the price from 37 cents. I rarely mail letters so I still have this book of stamps. All they say on them is FIRST CLASS USA with the statue of liberty and the USA flag in the background. My question is are these still good? I have a letter to mail and am wondering if they are still good. thanks

Do I need additional postage on a first class stamp?

I bought a book of stamps before the recent rate increase. It’s the Status of Liberty/Flag stamp and it says "first class". Since the rate increase, I have mailed a few letters without adding additional postage for the increase. I have not had any letters returned. This afternoon when I checked mail a bill I had sent was refused by the postal worker picking up the mail from the apartment mail slot. He screened it out and wrote note. It wasn’t stamped insufficient postage or anything. Is this postal worker just extra vigilant and I have been lucky so far? Were they letting it slide because it probably costs more to ask for 2 more cents? What’s the real policy? Do I need to buy those annoying 2 cent stamps?

I have several 41 cent stamps. If I have sufficient amount, may I use them for priority mail?

I have a large, thick, non-rigid envelope (the kind with bubble wrap inside) that I have to send priority mail. (This type of package cannot be mailed first class).

I would like to avoid buying postage online, and also would like to avoid going into post office to purchase postage.

I have several 41 cent stamps. More than enough to amount to the required .60. Would it still be considered ‘priority mail’ if I use these stamps? Is it acceptable?