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Can you answer my questions about Stamps.com?

1) Can you save the postage file on a USB flash drive and print it on another computer?
2) How much is the membership after the free trial?
3) What are the extra expenses or savings compared to just buying the postage at the USPS office?
4) If you want a label for exactly .07, will you get that option?
5) Can you get the labels sent by mail, instead of printing? How much will the shipping cost?

Isn't Stamps.com a ripoff?

So, I wanted to find out if there was a way to print stamps online.. PayPal shipping does labels but it’s only for parcels, no letters, postcards, etc. You can’t print out a .44 cent stamp, or a .05 cent stamp, or whatever. Anyway I found out you can do this on Stamps.com

The thing is you have to order labels. In other words, it’s costing more than simply buying stamps at the post office.

The good news is that when you start out, they give you free to spend on stamps. And a few sample labels. So what I guess I’m going to do, is I’m going to just use up the and never use it again.

So, the real quesiton is, is there any way to print out stamps and still pay the same as what you’d pay at a post office?

Because this paying for labels thing is essentially the same thing as saying "I want to pay more for postage just for the luxury of printing at home".

USPS Shipping Date Expired Label Still OK?

Hello. I was going to send a book in the mail to be autographed. Is it possible to print out a shipping paid postage label and include it, that way they can just attatch it and send the book back to me? I know that the labels you print online supposedly expire after 3 days but also have read that they never actually really do expire. I would guess that it would be finally used about 3 weeks after I print it online if I had to guess.


DYMO Postal Scale & Postage Stamp Labels

It’s never been easier to eliminate trips to the Post Office. Weigh your letters, envelopes and packages from your office or home with the Pelouze USB mailing scale. Add a DYMO LabelWriter to double your label capacity for even greater labeling and mailing efficiency. Holds two label rolls at once for maximum efficiency — print 60+ label layouts at speeds up to 71 labels per minute*, without switching label rolls. PLUS prints DYMO StampsĀ® postage.** *4-line address label **Internet connection required.

How to ship package at the post office?

I’m a college student and need to send something back to my parents. I do not have any online transaction so I cannot print labels online. I need to go to the post office to ship it. I have it packaged tightly with address, etc. (it’s a box and weighs about 5 pounds) I need to know if they accept cash there. If they do, do i just wait and line or what happens? I’ve never been at a post office before so I need a crash course on how to order postage with cash. Please help!

How to weigh shipments for Click & Ship on USPS?

I just bought a mini digital scale for shipping packages & printing the labels on USPS.

Do you usually add a little to the weight when entering the numbers in? Don’t want to risk underweighing and underpaying. E.g. I put in 11 oz. when the weigh says 10.4oz. Is there a problem with overstating the weight?

Any other tips for a newbie using this online postage printing service?