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How can I mail an online postcard to 12,000 people cheaply and effectively?

I need to communicate with 12,000 people who are part of a very large group. I WILL NOT be marketing to these people. They are expecting a regular postcard in the mail announcing a large event in December. But when I priced out the printing of the postcards, design, postage, etc, it came to over 00.00. This is insane. Please tell me where I can go online to do this. What’s the best place? Is there any way to do it free or with a very low budget? It would also be great if these online postcards could also collect a little information, such as an update on phone, address, email, etc… Any ideas ladies and gentlemen? Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Do the postage stamps printed by postage machines (such as Pitney Bowes) track individual pieces of mail?

You have a postage machine. Say you print a stamp out of the prepaid postage machine for .00. You send that to person Sue from person John. On the account for the meter, is it recorded that it was sent to Sue? Was it recorded that it was sent from John? Does it record the amount used in postage?

And if it doesn’t do this for regular pieces of mail sent domestically, does it do this for international parcels, or mail sent USPS priority?

Thank you, and I would very much appreciate cited sources.

Can you answer my questions about Stamps.com?

1) Can you save the postage file on a USB flash drive and print it on another computer?
2) How much is the membership after the free trial?
3) What are the extra expenses or savings compared to just buying the postage at the USPS office?
4) If you want a label for exactly .07, will you get that option?
5) Can you get the labels sent by mail, instead of printing? How much will the shipping cost?

Mail postage: general question about sending mail.?

So, I want to send mail and whatnot to people via physical letters in the mail, not emails. I was wondering if just buying stamps, writing the return address, the recipient address, and just plopping it in the drop-box at the nearest post office is enough. I know that I am a total noob for not knowing this, but please be kind with your answers. Thanks!

Does the post office give free boxes for shipping?

Like lets say you want to ship something to a person that they bought off ebay. Before you do this, can you go to the post office and get boxes? Lets say they send you a money order, do you go and cash the money order, and then go and buy a postage stamp for the box or what?

Also how can I send my box back to the seller? She doesnt answer her e-mails. She accepts refunds if it isnt working, and my product isnt working, so can I just put a note inside the box, and tape it back up, and put it out in the mail? Or do I have to pay to reship it?

USPS Shipping Date Expired Label Still OK?

Hello. I was going to send a book in the mail to be autographed. Is it possible to print out a shipping paid postage label and include it, that way they can just attatch it and send the book back to me? I know that the labels you print online supposedly expire after 3 days but also have read that they never actually really do expire. I would guess that it would be finally used about 3 weeks after I print it online if I had to guess.


Does anyone know where to buy lightweight paper for a printer?

I send out tons of mail everyday and I have been using the normal printer paper and it is really heavy and my postage bill is crazy! Its like 4 pages per envelope or I have to add more stamps. Can anyone give me a website where to purchase really lightweight paper like rice paper in a pack that i can use in my printer? Even loose sleeve notebook paper is good…but it cant have holes or lines but the weight is so much lighter and I can save. Please help 🙂

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Believe you cannot obtain a paper credit card application?

I have requested a paper credit card application for my father who would be 86 and would prefer to submit an application by mail. I was told that there was no place online to print the paper application, but paper applications were available from branches. As the closest branch would be a 24 mile round trip I wonder when I call the branch they will use their bulk rate postage to sent an application by mail or insist I drive to the branch? Does this smell of some kind of discrimination against those who choose not to reveal credit card information online?

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