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DYMO Postal Scale & Postage Stamp Labels

It’s never been easier to eliminate trips to the Post Office. Weigh your letters, envelopes and packages from your office or home with the Pelouze USB mailing scale. Add a DYMO LabelWriter to double your label capacity for even greater labeling and mailing efficiency. Holds two label rolls at once for maximum efficiency — print 60+ label layouts at speeds up to 71 labels per minute*, without switching label rolls. PLUS prints DYMO Stamps® postage.** *4-line address label **Internet connection required.

mailing data prospect lists of business directors.MOV

www.responsiva.biz mailing data prospect lists of business directors. Almost all business prospect lists contain data of contact names with varying job titles. This short video helps the user identify company directors (or likely business owners) from within their prospect database and split them off from the managers, branch managers or other undesirable titles. Typical directorship job titles include (any) director, partner, owner, landlord chief exec, principal, treasurer. Additional titles to consider when segmenting your business data list are accountant, solicitor, doctor, dentist, head teacher and other job titles which are pertinent to specific industry types. By opening your prospect database into a spreadsheet, Responsiva guides you through the process of sorting your prospect list so that all the business directors (and similar job titles) are filtered to the top of the prospect list. This enables the selection of just these data list records for the mailing campaign, thus reducing wasted postage costs on marketing to branch managers, office managers and the like. Business lists can be sorted on all data fields within the database, and the contact name job title is just one of the many fields which can help you fine tune your marketing selection. Other prospect data list fields which should be considered are the business classification, premise types, company size (employees or turnover), geography and even the date the business was established. By reviewing

FP ultimail 95 mailing system

The ultimail 95 is easy to use; it automatically processes up to 120 pieces per minute with a crisp print quality. Experience bottom-line benefits immediately with its ability to track up to 150 departmental accounts, giving you instant access to where postage dollars are being spent. The ultimail 95 connects to an automatic and semi-automatic feeders and sealers. Contact TMC for more information. 856-768-3516 or Sales@TMCcompco.com

FP ultimail™ Digital Mailing System

The German-engineered FP ultimail™ provides unmatched quality, performance, and versatility with trend-setting features like automatic dating, re-dating, postage correction, automatic label dispenser, and more! With precision and clarity, it processes mail at speeds of up to 120 pieces per minute and enhances the image of your business with crisp 300 dpi print quality. Intelligently designed for efficiency, the ultimail™ fits neatly into any office environment and works quietly without disturbing co-workers. without disturbing co-workers.

Save On Postage Costs By Outsourcing Direct Mail Printing And Mailing Like Simeon Tuitt Direct

www.simeontuitt.com Home Business Direct Mail Marketing Expert Simeon Tuitt Reveals How To Save On Direct Mail Print Postage Costs, So You Pay Less For Stamps When Mailing Through Direct Mail. Whether You Have Been Looking For A Mailing Service For Your Business Sales Letters, Mailing Packs,…

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