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What could I buy for a gift for staying at someone's house in America?

I want to get them something that you can buy in my country (New Zealand) and not in America. When I go there they will have a 4 y/o Girl, I think a 10 Y/O Boy and two adults, they are relatives. What kind of thing should I get them, Postage stamps? Eskimo lollies (so delicious)? Coins? Wine? postcards? What would you want?
I just noticed that wine is out of the question, in America you have to be 21 to posses alcohol. wtf.

How to buy valid postage stamps from Peru… when you don't live there?

A friend of mine is going to Peru (from New Zealand) for a holiday. I’d like to give her, as a going away present, some pre-stamped postcards, so that she doesn’t have to look for a post office all the time when she’s there. It costs 5 soles to send a postcard from Peru to NZ.