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brit com inspired question

ok so i love me some brit coms, i remember in on that they said 1. it is treason to destroy anythign with the queens image on it. (that one i buy) and 2. since postage stamps have the queen on them or are royaly regulated somethign along those lines. that they can be used as currency in the UK. so what say you?
magpie thanks for the info alot more informative than the first poster i will hold out and see if it is still currently practiced.

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What could I buy for a gift for staying at someone's house in America?

I want to get them something that you can buy in my country (New Zealand) and not in America. When I go there they will have a 4 y/o Girl, I think a 10 Y/O Boy and two adults, they are relatives. What kind of thing should I get them, Postage stamps? Eskimo lollies (so delicious)? Coins? Wine? postcards? What would you want?
I just noticed that wine is out of the question, in America you have to be 21 to posses alcohol. wtf.

can somebody tutor me these math problems?

1. Syracuse and New York are 240 miles apart. One car left Syracuse for New York, averaging 65 mph. At the same time another car left Syracuse, averaging 55 mph. How far from Syracuse did the cards pass each other?

2. A pilot plans to make a flight lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes. How far can he fly from the airport at the rate of 600mph and return over the same route at the rate of 400 mph?

3. James bought 80 postage stamps for which he paid .40. Some where 1-cent stamps and some were 33-cent stamps. How many of each kind did he buy?

4. A postal clerk sold 75 stamps for .90. Some were 20-cent and some were 34-cent stamps. How many of each kind did he buy?

5. Mr. Banks left 50% of his wealth to his wife, 22% to his daughter, 16% to his son, and had ,000 left. What was his total value of his wealth?
a) write each sentence as an equation in which "n" is used to represent the number
b) solve for "n"

sending mail at boot camp?

im leaving for marine corps recruit training in a month or so…i have a friend who just went to study abroad, and we keep in touch all the time. i know i can send mail at boot camp, but would i be able to send mail to them even if they are overseas?

for example…could i just buy the postage stamps necessary to mail it over there and bring them to boot camp, and then use those to mail my friend?


Has something like this ever happened to you?

I recently bought a sheet of postage stamps. After a day of shopping in the city I could not find the stamps in my purse where I knew I had put them. I assumed I had accidentally pulled them out while paying for other purchases in the city. Today, two weeks later when I sat down at the computer the stamps were laying in front of my monitor. My daughter says she didn’t do it and I believe her. Being ill, she rarely leaves the house. What are your views on this?