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Postage Meters Save Small Businesses Time & Money

Weigh, Print, Mail. Spend less time on postage and more time growing your small business with a Mailstation 2, digital mailing system. Pitney Bowes has multiple solutions to your business needs. Find more at www.pitneyworks.com. 60 day trial, 0 free postage coupons and .99 a month after trial. http

Bacon Bits Boutique- New Items

Hi, y’all! I’m Seida Bacon, and here are some of the new things I’ve designed for my shop, the Bacon Bits Boutique on Zazzle at zazzle.com/seidabacon* I’ve got tons of stuff over there, but here’s just a short preview of a new line of cards & gifts featuring vintage photos and funny captions. I hope you like them. Please go to www.zazzle.com to see the full line, and if you like ’em, why not buy one or two? Thanks for checking it out!

Rarest Stamps For Sale – Worldwide Stamps & Collections From Many Countries

www.stamps-for-sale.net – Visit our site for thousands of rare and valuable stamps for sale from Africa, Canada, USA, UK, Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Commonwealth, Europe and many other places. Our online stamp portal offers postage stamps for sale using the power of the world’s largest marketplace and can therefore offer the best variety and prices for postage stamps. Click the link to have a look! www.stamps-for-sale.net

UPrinting Presents USPS Postage Prices

This video will explain the pricing options available for your postcard mailing campaign. Choose which postage option is best for you. Make your next mailing campaign affordable and hassle free with UPrinting. Spread your Message!

Stamps.com Commercial – The Forrest Chase

Getting lost on your way to the local Post Office? With traffic, crowded parking lots and other distractions, a trip to the Post Office can take much longer than you think. Use Stamps.com and try printing postage from your PC. Tell us if you like this commercial by voting with the “Like” or “Dislike” button.