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How can I mail an online postcard to 12,000 people cheaply and effectively?

I need to communicate with 12,000 people who are part of a very large group. I WILL NOT be marketing to these people. They are expecting a regular postcard in the mail announcing a large event in December. But when I priced out the printing of the postcards, design, postage, etc, it came to over 00.00. This is insane. Please tell me where I can go online to do this. What’s the best place? Is there any way to do it free or with a very low budget? It would also be great if these online postcards could also collect a little information, such as an update on phone, address, email, etc… Any ideas ladies and gentlemen? Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Do You Need Postage stamps for every postcard you send?

My friend is going to a camp in Virginia this month. She told me to write her while she was there and she gave me the adress. If I want to send her a postcard, do i need one of those stamps? I live in Maryland, and sometimes the stamps have different pricess, so if I do need one, which one would i have to buy and then put it on it?
Also if you dont put any stamps on the letter, does it still send to the place she is at? Or it just gets lost or something?

thanks for the help.

How to buy valid postage stamps from Peru… when you don't live there?

A friend of mine is going to Peru (from New Zealand) for a holiday. I’d like to give her, as a going away present, some pre-stamped postcards, so that she doesn’t have to look for a post office all the time when she’s there. It costs 5 soles to send a postcard from Peru to NZ.

Where can I buy postage stamps in Epcot?

Hi, I am staying in the Orlando area and have bought a postcard to send back to the UK. The one thing that I forgot to ask about was where to buy stamps… According to the USPS site, a postcard to the UK is {content}.90, so my question is..

Is there anywhere in Epcot (where I am going tomorrow) that I can buy postage stamps and then actually post my postcard? Preferably this would be at the front of the park, to avoid having to carry it round all day.

Thanks 🙂

Thanks for your suggestion smile101 but they dont sell stamps and the local post office is a bit out of the way as I dont have a car during my stay

How many postage stamps would it take to get a postcard from…?

Washington state, to Maryland?
I know NOTHING about mailing anything, any tips would be nice 😀

I just want to mail in something to PostSecret, never have before, and need to know how many stamps to put on my postcard.

(Seattle, WA to Germantown, MD)

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