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USPS Question: I paid for postage online, im sending a box to someone. But it wont be 4- 4-20 weeks till maild?

Hi there. I understand that I have only 3 days to get a refund on prepaid postage that Ive paid for and printed online……(I am sending a box of items to someone out of state) they already paid me through ebay…..but the items wont be able to be shipped for another few weeks, and as far out as February 2012….(its not a typical ebay transaction, I have a relationship with this person) so I clicked ‘print shipping label’…paid for it….and printed it….. but the box wont be going out as planned…..it was printed/paid for about a week ago.

The other day I was dropping off a small/flat rate box item out to the nearest big blue USPS mailing box/bin and I got there right as the postal worker showed up. He looked at my box, and pointed out that there was printed date on the label that I had printed out……and he said "it was supposed to have shipped out this date, [and pointed to the date marked saying] they should have already gotten the package.

ALL AND ALL: what Im saying is the postal worker did not like that there was that date….SHOWING that I was DELAYED in mailing out the package……that small package was only about 4 days off from the day it was supposed to have gone out and he mentioned that….

what will happen if I try to ship a box of items with a date that’s MUCH older than a week ???? Can I hand write over that?? Can I make edits??? DID I just straight up lose my money because I waited longer than 3 days?

Help! USPS postage doubt?

Where do I obtain a {content}.83 postage?
Do I need to go to the window or can I buy stamps that add to .83? Or is there an .83 shipping label that I can purchase and print on-line at usps.com?

The package is medium size and rectangular.

I have never shipped anything before in my life. I am a first time eBay seller and sold my first item. The item inside the package as I mentioned weights 1.0 oz and I offered free shipping. Did I make a mistake? Should I have charged for shipping. I think I was dumb to believe thar by offering free shipping I could send the package free of charge.

Online Shipping Labels can you just put package in any mailbox?

Ok so Im mailing out some cards today and I want to try using the online shipping label method since Delivery Confirmation is only 10 cents. Im wondering if I print the label and put it on the small top loader envelope with prepaid postage can I just stick that in any mailbox or do I still need to give it to someone behind the post office desk?

Can I use my card here in the Philippines in getting a postage/shipping label online?

Hi, Im from the Philippines and I want to ship a package from KY to TX. Can I use my card here in the philippines to do that? I tried USPS but it wont let me choose my country during payment.

I just want to print a shipping label online and send it to a friend in KY who got my package and I’ll just schedule a pick up so he wont have to go anywhere to ship my package. Problem is, I cant use my card from here.

Is there any other way to do it? Do you have any information on where I could get a postage online and pay using my card here in the PHils?