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Do the postage stamps printed by postage machines (such as Pitney Bowes) track individual pieces of mail?

You have a postage machine. Say you print a stamp out of the prepaid postage machine for .00. You send that to person Sue from person John. On the account for the meter, is it recorded that it was sent to Sue? Was it recorded that it was sent from John? Does it record the amount used in postage?

And if it doesn’t do this for regular pieces of mail sent domestically, does it do this for international parcels, or mail sent USPS priority?

Thank you, and I would very much appreciate cited sources.

Can you answer my questions about Stamps.com?

1) Can you save the postage file on a USB flash drive and print it on another computer?
2) How much is the membership after the free trial?
3) What are the extra expenses or savings compared to just buying the postage at the USPS office?
4) If you want a label for exactly .07, will you get that option?
5) Can you get the labels sent by mail, instead of printing? How much will the shipping cost?

USPS Question: I paid for postage online, im sending a box to someone. But it wont be 4- 4-20 weeks till maild?

Hi there. I understand that I have only 3 days to get a refund on prepaid postage that Ive paid for and printed online……(I am sending a box of items to someone out of state) they already paid me through ebay…..but the items wont be able to be shipped for another few weeks, and as far out as February 2012….(its not a typical ebay transaction, I have a relationship with this person) so I clicked ‘print shipping label’…paid for it….and printed it….. but the box wont be going out as planned…..it was printed/paid for about a week ago.

The other day I was dropping off a small/flat rate box item out to the nearest big blue USPS mailing box/bin and I got there right as the postal worker showed up. He looked at my box, and pointed out that there was printed date on the label that I had printed out……and he said "it was supposed to have shipped out this date, [and pointed to the date marked saying] they should have already gotten the package.

ALL AND ALL: what Im saying is the postal worker did not like that there was that date….SHOWING that I was DELAYED in mailing out the package……that small package was only about 4 days off from the day it was supposed to have gone out and he mentioned that….

what will happen if I try to ship a box of items with a date that’s MUCH older than a week ???? Can I hand write over that?? Can I make edits??? DID I just straight up lose my money because I waited longer than 3 days?

Have all post offices taken out their postage machines?

Or just the ones in my town? The only way to buy stamps after hours is the debit/credit card machine. To buy just two stamps (for my tax returns) took over 5 minutes! And if you don’t have a debit/credit card, you’re out of luck.

Did I toss out a memo from the USPS saying they were making this change?

And for this kind of service they want to raise the rates again??

Am I just being a cranky fuss budget?
Most of those "alternative" services require you to buy a whole booklet of stamps (whose postage will be obsolete in another month when the rates go up again, and there is no option to buy single, 1 cent stamps to make up the difference). And not everyone has access to the Internet. It just seems like further disenfranchisement of the have-nots, to me.

Btw, you can get single stamps from the card machines IF you say you want to mail a letter, not buy stamps. That’s what took me five minutes for the transaction, as there is an exhaustive menu you have to wade through. Finally, at the end, it says you can buy additional single stamps if you want.

What happen if I put a pre-paid International package into a USPS mailbox instead of giving it to an employee?

I tried Click and Ship (via usps.com online) and printed my postage from home using my printer. I dropped the package in a post office drop box last night. When I got home I noticed the instruction sheet said "International packages my NOT be placed in a USPS collection box. Please present to a retail associate in a U.S. Postal Service retail outlet, hand to your letter carrier at the time of mail delivery or schedule a pickup service online at www.usps.com/pickup." What can I expect to happen? Will my package be returned to me?

Does any one know what is the best website for me to use to ship my products?

I am a small business owner and selling college textbooks online.Currently I use USPS for my shipping company and looking for a good website to able to print shipping lables and postage from (some thing like stamps.com but cheaper).Can you help me?
Thanks a lot.

Can I ship these Kongs USPS with just a postage stamp?

I have two Kongs (the dog toy) that I want to ship. They will both fit in a standard sized mailbox. If I put them in a package (not a box), just put a postage stamp on it, and put it in my mailbox…will it ship? Or do you need a certain type of stamp/label or something? I’d rather not have to buy a special box or pay extra shipping for something that fits in my mailbox. I’ve just never tried anything like this before.

I had contacted USPS before on this issue, but it took them a few weeks to respond and they just gave me a generic answer regarding what type of shipments they have and how much it costs. They never addressed my specific question as to whether or not I could just put the item in a small package, put a stamp on it, and put it in my mailbox for pickup.

Can someone help me find out how much shipping was really payed with Endicia.com to ship a package to me?

someone sent me a package from the US. and he/she payed for the postage online with endicia.com (probably printed it online then let usps pick it up for shipment). I want to know how much the shipper really payed for shipping, so not to get ripped off in teh future. I mailed Endicia en they dont want to help me even though i have the serial-number of the stamp. The shipping price conveniently doesnt show on my receit. Pretty smart these endicia guys/gals.

Anyone know how I can find out how much the shipper payed for postage?