What exactly do they mean by "Extra Postage Required"?

The V-Day card I bought for my bf says "Extra Postage Required" where the stamp would go on the envelope. But exactly HOW MUCH extra postage do they mean? I have 37 cent and 2 cent stamps (to make the normal 39 cent postage). Should I just put two of each? Although 78 cents sounds like too much, and I don’t know if I can put 4 stamps on there. It’s not an extraordinarily large envelope or anything, it’s only 6.5" X 9.5", and it’s not a real heavy card.

What do you normally do when you need extra postage? Does anyone out there work at a post office and know for sure?

Should I put two 37 cent stamps (even though normal postage is 39) or do I actually need 4 stamps to make two sets of 39s?

This might sound like a dumb question, but I haven’t send a card via snail mail in a loooong time (I use e-cards and e-mail for everything) but I thought it would be nice to send a regular card this time.

Thank you Paul K, I can see YOU didn’t read the whole question… dummy.
#1, I don’t have any way to get to the post office, so I forgot to mention that, and #2, I just wanted to see if I needed double the normal postage or if I COULD use two *37* cent stamps (cuz normal post is 39), because as many of you didn’t read, I don’t HAVE two 39 cent stamps, only 37s and 2s, and I’m pretty sure you can’t put more than 3 stamps on an envelope and I’d need 4 in that case.

So honestly, all I wanted to know was if I could do two 37s or if I needed 39s since that’s what the new postage is. If I could get to a post office, I would have had them weigh it for the exact postage, but I don’t have that option, sorry I didn’t mention that.

If you’re not going to read the details of the question, don’t bother to answer it.

6 thoughts on “What exactly do they mean by "Extra Postage Required"?

  1. antilib

    I would probably take 45 cents or so, you can go to the post office to get the exact amount, but just put 2 37 cent stamps next to each other on the envelope, and you should be fine.

  2. inkantra

    Usually I just slap an extra stamp on it and send it with two first class stamps. But, to know for sure you have to either weigh it with a letter scale and check the post office’s web site, or just take it directly to the post office.

    No one can give you an exact postage amount without having the exact weight of your item.

  3. ttpawpaw

    If you go to the USPS web site you can read what the size and wieght limitations are and why you card needs extra postage.

  4. ♥☆ Blaine ☆♥

    If its just a valentine’s day card that’s extra large, then just put 2 stamps on the card. That should be enough if its just a card and nothing else inside to make it heavier.

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